Passion & Purpose by Jimmy Seibert

Book Review: Passion & Purpose

Ever since I became a Christian in my late twenties, I have wondered, "Where is the church we read about in Acts 2? Where is the kingdom that Jesus says is so close at hand?" I long for it more than life itself. Over the years, my wife and I have been to many different churches, seeking the fellowship and the love of true believers of Christ. In brief glimpses, we have seen the people of God through our sin-stained eyes. The glimpses keep us going. Jesus keeps us going. But I still cry out, "Jesus, can we have the church of Acts 2 today!" Pastor Jimmy Seibert's answer in his new book Passion & Purpose is "Yes!"

Too Far to Wander

Book Review: Too Far to Wander

I just released, Too Far to Wander, a short novel that teaches about science in a Pacific Northwest wilderness setting. The audience for the book is primarily 3rd to 5th grade readers, however, I also have in mind older students who are disengaged from the learning environment. This book is a story of redemption written for a secular audience. It could be used both in traditional schools and in homeschool settings.

Point Horizon

Point Horizon - Book Release

Going beyond the planet Earth is one of those strange desires of the human species. Why? Do dogs want to travel to outer space? How about dolphins or eagles? Much of science fiction and fantasy literature is born out of a longing to be connected more deeply with the Universe. I’ve come to believe that we are a longing species. We want there to be more to creation than just planet Earth, so we write books about it and explore technical methods with our science and engineering. But I don’t really believe that technology will ever get us physically beyond our solar system. Technology has limits. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t explore the universe and have real and direct relationships with it and its Creator. Our desire for something more makes us connect as humans and bonds us in ever-deepening ways to things beyond us. In the hush of the deepest part of my heart, I feel that one day we will enter places vastly beyond our imagination.