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Kingdom Politics

In reading the first few paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, I heard a great echo from the past. What has really changed? Are we today ruled by a tyranny? It seems as if Western civilization will soon be voting in populist leaders in this new era of politics, some for better and some for worse. People are realizing throughout the world that they are being marched in directions they don't desire, along uncertain, bleak paths. What is our role?

Jesus replied, "Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head." (Matthew 8:20)

Are we called to take up arms against our present state of leadership? Some would feel the call immediately if a viable leader stepped forward, or even a charlatan. But even though I believe we are in a state that is far worse than anything the founding fathers were dealing with in regards to England at the time, I do not feel that we are called to secure our freedom from our present leadership through force or argument. The message of the gospel makes that clear, in my opinion.

The New Testament writers express clearly that in the present age the state we live in is like Rome and Babylon. We are Daniel and Ruth and so many of the saints. Can we ever have true liberty and peace on this earth? Do we have a place to "lay our heads"? What we do know is that the devil has been given authority to rule the earth, for a time, until he banished forever. Why is this the case? Why does God not impose his final righteousness throughout all the earth—right now or 2,000 years ago? I believe it is because this is the role of Jesus Christ and this task is implemented by his faithful—to make his kingdom come. We are the body of Christ and we Christians do not realize this fully yet. But there will be a time, when the Holy Spirit does fill his people, and through us, Jesus will remake heaven and earth. But probably not the way we think.

God will not need to destroy evil. Evil will destroy itself. Some Pharisees were falsely explaining to the crowds that Jesus was driving out demons by the prince of demons. But Jesus explained that this could not be: "A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand." Jesus was saying something directly to the Pharisee, and to us about to whom we put our trust. He was saying that all kingdoms that are ruled by evil cannot survive. In their self-opposition, they will crumble. Self-opposition is death. What we don't want to understand, what we blind ourselves from is the fact that: the same holds true for anything external to the Kingdom of heaven. All forms of human government will fall. We are patriots of the Kingdom. The gravity is strong to align with the nation of our birth or desire.

Why is this important to us? Because we must not place our faith of those systems that are divided. If so, we, too, will be divided and will fall with it. The vortex strong from sinking ships—especially big ones.

Christian political association will always be with the New Jerusalem and no other—none. We cannot form alliances with the state. However, the great irony is we need not hide in our rat holes—we can't. We must be side by side others stricken by the spell of patriotism—or any other idolatry. We have the lifeboats ready. We love. We look for joy. We we demonstrate hope. We live humble lives.